Macinputs is a blog by Kristoffer Mark Canlas about the game changers in the tech industry, Apple, Tesla and more.



Hi. I’m Kristoffer Mark Canlas. I run Macinputs. I live in Milan, Italy with my wife Anna and our amazing daughter, KZ.

I started macinputs in the fall of 2014 as a space for me to write and share what I find interesting in the technology world. At the time, I was a regular Gucci retail store employee. In May 2016, I quit my job and spent my free time reading books and reworking this site.

I’m a techie at heart. I graduated (in 2003) with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Back then, Windows PC was the mainstream — until “Apple 2.0” (1997: since Steve Jobs returned to Apple) revolutionized the computer industry and changed the game.

Although I don’t write full-time here yet, I’m grateful that my current schedule allows me to do the work I do here more often. You can follow macinputs’ entries on social media too (see sidebar or below).





Mac. Derives from the sameness of my nickname Mac and Apple’s Mac (Macintosh) computer.

Input/s. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary begins its definition of this word: “advice or opinions that help someone make a decision; information that is put into a computer; something (such as power or energy) that is put into a machine or system.”



I use affiliate links when linking to Amazon or iTunes. That means I get a commission if you purchase through these links — with no additional charge on your part. Regardless, I only recommend products and services that I like and have no problem recommending to my friends and family.