Tesla And SolarCity Powered An Entire Island With Solar Energy

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After getting the approval from their shareholders last week, Tesla completed its acquisition of SolarCity on Monday morning. And to give us an idea on what’s possible in combining forces, they powered the entire island of Ta’u in American Samoa. A remote island with power supply problems that relies on diesel generators for electricity.

The project accomplished 5,328 solar panel installations from SolarCity and 60 Powerpack rechargeable batteries from Tesla. These technologies will supply almost 100 percent of the power needed by the entire island with nearly 600 residents in the area.

To boast, Ta’u island can stay powered for 3 full days without sun, and can recharge back fully with just 7 hours of sunlight exposure.

From start to finish, the Ta’u’s microgrid project was completed within just one year. It was funded by the American Samoa Economic Development authority, the EPA, and the Department of Interior. The project is expected to offset the island’s previous use of 109,500 gallons of diesel per year, plus the expensive shipping costs that comes from high volume quantities of fuel that needs to get there (obviously).

tau-island-with-solar-powerOn my previous ‘linked’ article, I stated: “I can smell the huge benefit of this deal for both companies, and more importantly to the world’s “green future”. Hopefully”. And this is exactly one of the pictures portrayed behind those words. Another one is the recent solar roof unveiling, along with the Powerwall 2, all of which fall under the Tesla’s ‘Mission Plan’. Great implementation indeed.