Christina Warren’s Apple TV Review →

NOVEMBER 1, 2015

Christina Warren at Mashable:

The Apple TV of 2015 is a wholly different beast than the products that came before it. Of course, it’s also entering into a very different living room ecosystem, where there is strong competition from the likes of Google with the Chromecast, the Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV.

tvOS isn’t simply blowing up the iOS experience for a bigger screen. That’s something we’ve seen from other Android-based set-top boxes (including, to a certain extent, Amazon’s Fire TV), and it doesn’t always work as well as you might think.

That’s because a six-inch experience and a 10-foot experience are different. The nice thing about the Apple TV and tvOS is that it knows that the experiences are different and the apps are built in a way to make that kind of shift work.

Another store of another kind.