Sneak Peek of SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System →

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

This is super cool. I watched the keynote’s live broadcast yesterday and I was overwhelmed by the unveilings. This project is huge. Growing up, I used to think that you can only go to space if you’re a brilliant astronaut or scientist. Or at least a jackass, like the roles portrayed in the movie “Armageddon”.

Now, an “Interplanetary Transport System” (ITS) for ordinary people1 is in development and it’s coming for real in the not so distant future. Bravo SpaceX.

To know more about the project, SpaceX Founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted a link article from Gizomodo about it. You can check it here.

You can also watch the replay of the keynote address here.


  1.  For anyone who is willing to travel outer space.