Steven Levy On The New MacBook Pro And The ‘Thought On Dongles’ →

Steven Levy got a chance to talk to Phil Schiller about the new MacBook Pro:

For a number of years, Schiller says, engineers at Apple have been figuring out how to colonize that function row territory with touch technology. It was a way to make Mac a touch experience without toppling the Grand Unified Theory. “This notebook design has been with us for 25 years and that fills a need for many people,” he says. “Having an interactive place where your hands are down on the keyboard is celebrating what makes a notebook a great notebook.”

I read many other reviews already before Levy’s, and people have different take on the Touch Bar. But most of the reviews I read, there was one issue where all people seem to agree on, and that is: dongles suck. Here’s one straightforward complaint from Wired’s David Pierce:

But the ports. Apple. WTF? I can conclusively say The Dongle Life sucks. It’s great that my laptop is smaller and lighter, but hunting through my bag for the tiny adapter to plug in my hard drive, which is different from the one I need for my monitor, which won’t work to plug in my phone, is infuriating exercise. Lots of people don’t connect things to their laptops, but those people aren’t the people who need a MacBook Pro. Pro users need RAID arrays, and second displays, and Ethernet connections.

I think you can’t blame Pro users’ complaint about this. They clearly have a point. Pierce explained it well there. Apple though, not being insensitive to the issue, recently cuts USB-C adapter prices on its stores. Not to mention one of Apple’s mantra: “We always want to make our users happy.