Tesla Autopilot v8: Human Collision Test →

NOVEMBER 16, 2016


Back in September, Tesla pushed the v8.0 software update to its fleet of vehicles and it enabled some significant updates to the vehicles equipped with Autopilot hardware. A series of new tests show that the pedestrian detection under v8.0 is significantly better and now Tesla even renders humans in front of the car on the instrument cluster.

The video above was a work collaboration between KmanAuto and Mike Anthony. This test was their second attempt with the same Model S vehicle equipped with first generation1 Autopilot hardware (but now on v8 firmware). You can watch their previous test conducted last June here. Both tests were nerve-wracking (something I don’t recommend doing of course). But all in all, this recent one was impressive.


  1.  Autopilot 2.0 is now on production.