How to Hide Books in iBooks


Figuring out how to remove books in iBooks?

Unfortunately, in iBooks, the “delete” feature doesn’t work the way “delete” works normally, i.e. eliminates file. It only unloads the contents of the book from your device. The cover of the book stays, and an iCloud download sticker (sort of) is marked in the upper right part to indicate that the book has either been deleted or hasn’t been downloaded yet. One tap on the cover and it will redownload the entire contents of the book right away. It’s as if you haven’t deleted nothing.

But there’s a good news, just like with your apps and music, you can “hide” a book permanently. Meaning, the contents and the cover of the book will disappear, just like how “delete” works the usual way.

Hiding books in iBooks is super easy. Here’s how:

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