Take Better Notes Using These 4 Awesome Tricks of the Notes App in iOS

MAY 24, 2016



Quick question: Did you know that aside from taking notes, the new Notes app on your iPhone and iPad has more powerful features?

Things like creating a checklist, formatting, saving web links, inserting your photos and videos, drawing and more.

Let me walk you through 4 awesome tricks you may use to help you create notes to the higher level.


1.  Checklist


Picture this: List of christmas presents for your loved ones: For Mom? Check. List of movies you wanna watch: Captain America? Check. List of ingredients for that birthday cake: Eggs and butter? Check, check.

Creating a checklist on your iOS device is super easy. On your iPhone, tap in an existing note or create a new one, then tap Add (plus symbol) > Checklist (checkmark). On your iPad, tap in a note, then tap Checklist (checkmark). Write your movie list, to-dos and more. Tap the empty circle to mark it off.


2. Format


Do you find your texts too simple inside your note?

Often times you want to add a bold Title, a Header, and create a number list.

To format a note: Tap Aa and choose a formatting style, then tap Done.


3. Add an attachment


Isn’t it cool if you can also add your photos and videos, web links or other contents you find in another app inside your notes?

You can do these with the Notes app in iOS 9. To insert a photo or  video, tap in a note, then hit the Add (plus symbol) in the lower right portion and tap the camera icon. You can select an existing photo or video from your Photo library or take a new one and add it to your note.

Anywhere there’s a share button you can add pretty much anything, like websites, web links, locations and more. To do that, tap Share (share symbol) then select Notes. You can add the attachment to a new note, or to an existing one.


4. Sketch


“To draw is to sharpen an idea. Drawing is the precision of thought.”

– Henri Matisse

Draw a heart shape, draw a holiday card, write a love note and send it to your honey via iMessage.

With Sketch on Note, you can draw your ideas with the tip of your fingers and drop them right inside your note. You can use the fine-tip marker, the highlighter or the pencil tool and choose the color you like to draw out something. There’s also a ruler if you need to draw a straight line and an eraser if you make a mistake.

Start a new sketch by tapping the squiggly line inside the  toolbar  and select which drawing tools you like to use. You can select color too, tap the the current color and swipe left or right to see more choices.


Final Note

The next time you find yourself using Notes and ran out of words, go add pictures because picture paints a thousand words or use the drawing tools and sketch those beautiful thoughts.

Notes not only helps you remember something important. Now you can also attach and sketch something important and share it to someone important.



Here’s a video clip during Apple’s WWDC in 2015. Craig Federighi, Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering discussed some of the great enhancements of Notes app in iOS 9.

Original video from Apple Inc. This video was trimmed and uploaded on Youtube via iMovie on Mac.